Love is a Choice

Infatuation, desire, lusting, wanting… These things happen naturally. Love, however, is a choice.

You can love someone you’re infatuated with. You can love someone you desire. You can love someone you want. But to love is a choice. And it manifests itself into actions.

You choose to respect. You choose to appreciate. You choose to make time. You choose to dedicate some of your limited resources to another person.

I choose to love you. I choose to treat you with the utmost respect. I choose to make you important to me. Your stories are important. Your life experiences are important to me. Your history, your present, your future, they all intrigue me.

Your happiness is important to me. Doing things for you that make your day a little better make my day a little better. These are choices I make, because I make the choice to love you.

I’ve made a conscious choice to be more interested in your life than someone else’s. That’s what’s different about you than everyone else in the world. I’ve chosen to love you.

Love is a choice. Choose to love. It makes everyone’s life happier.