If there was a god….

If there was a god, I wouldn't want anything to do with him.

Love him and call upon him or he will torture you forever? Sorry, rephrase that, he will outsource your torture to his minion, the devil. He won't do it himself.

Really people?

How did I believe such B.S. for so many years? Stockholm syndrome. It's the only thing I can think of, along with years of brainwashing as a child, that would cause me to believe such a thing.

So this dude is an all knowing, all powerful, omniscient being and he didn't predict the fall of man in the FIRST generation? How does he screw that one up? Or was it part of his plan to come up with a reason to torture us?

Or… Or… Could it be that everything in the god story is made up by a superstitious people who used story telling and supernatural hypothesis to explain the world around them?

Why is it so hard for theist believing people to even consider such a thing?

I know for me personally, it took about 18 months before I could really think outside the concept of a god creator. And it took another 6 months to really accept the new ideas i came up with. I had thoughts that satan was influencing me. It was a tough nut to crack to get to a point where I could think outside the cultural and religious box I was stuck in.

If you're going through that thought process, I wish you luck!

2 thoughts on “If there was a god….

  1. They say God walked on water what if it was just ice? Holy shit I can walk on water too!!??

    • What if… Jesus was a creation of the Romans to pacify the Jews to get then to quit fighting integration into Roman culture?

      There are stories in the apocrypha of Jesus slaying dragons and killing children. They got left out of the Bible, but I think they’re just as real as every other story.

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